Identify the Key Aspects of Filmmaking as you Watch Movies Online

As a typical moviegoer or someone who just enjoys the entertainment of movie-watching, you probably don’t pay much attention to the aspects of filmmaking. Perhaps, you just watch movies online for fun, as a hobby or to spend some time with friends.

But, if you really want to carefully evaluate a movie, it is important to understand its main components. This is especially significant for movie critics or reviewers. Whether you want to start creating a film review or you want to be reminded of its key elements, here are several things to keep in mind:

  • The Plot. This involves the main story or plan, as well as a series of events that form a story in the film.
  • Tones and Themes. What’s the main goal of the film? Was it made to bring awareness to a particular issue, educate or entertain? This also involves the strong impression that the film has made on you.
  • The Characters. This isn’t just about the people involved in the story. It also includes how they were portrayed, their role, attributes and characteristics that either diminish or enhance the film.

  • The Cinematography. Determine if the lighting and coloring affect the tone. Were the shots utilized in a unique way in order to tell the story? Were the settings or actors framed well?
  • The Direction. This involves the way the director tell the story, the movie’s speed and pacing and whether or not the director develops a captivating conflict.
  • The Script. Were the dialogues effective, necessary and believable? It is also important that the words match with the character’s personality and the tone of the film.

These are just the basic aspects of filmmaking you have to take note of as you watch movies online. This is especially true if you want to create an effective film review.