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  • miami vice 2006 review

    The Defund the Police Crowd Would Hate Mann’s ‘Miami Vice’

    Michael Mann’s ‘Miami Vice’ debuted in the summer of 2006 amid a flurry of ‘80s TV reboots to mixed reviews, but it remains one of his most challenging and visually engaging films. “Way cool then, not so hot now,” read the headline for Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Stephen Hunter’s Washington Post review of Mann’s ‘Collateral’ […] More

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  • I carry you with me film review

    ‘I Carry You With Me’ Offers Challenges Well Worth Embracing

    Heidi Ewing’s “I Carry You With Me” is the first non-documentary feature from the prolific filmmaker, whose “Jesus Camp” and “Freakonomics” are well known and available on most streaming sites. Her debut as a dramatic director is Spanish-language, layered and left an enormous emotional impact on me. Set in Puebla, Mexico, the story centers around […] More

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  • pig nicolas cage review

    ‘Pig’ Proves It’s Foolish to Count Nicolas Cage Out

    “Pig” is an odd, original and unpredictable film, a debut work that is difficult to describe but rewarding for anyone seeking something you haven’t seen before. It stars Nicolas Cage- whoa, did I just lose you? Where are you going? Come back! A year ago, I was writing an article for this site that defended […] More

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  • old movie review

    Shyamalan Returns to His ‘Old’ Habits

    “A film by M. Night Shyamalan” is a punchline. Again. The director of “The Sixth Sense” went from the next Spielberg to a laughingstock over the first part of his career. Then he reassembled his cinematic street cred with first “The Visit” and, later, “Split.” The 2019 stinker “Glass” suggested his return to form was […] More

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  • Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

    Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Review

    The best reboots of popular shows manage to tread a fine line between nodding to the older fans while still making themselves accessible enough to a new audience, and with the Netflix machine behind it and some big name talent attached, Masters of the Universe: Revelation will be looking to introduce an entirely new generation […] More

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  • Space Jam A New Legacy Review

    ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Is a Bloated Nostalgia Headache

    Malcolm D. Lee’s 25-years later sequel, “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” combines the worst aspects of “Ready Player One,” “Ralph Wrecks the Internet” and “Hook” and comes across more like one of those recent, unwanted “Jumanji” sequels than anything else. LeBron James plays himself and winds up getting sucked into the Warner Brothers “Server-verse,” which […] More

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  • twister review helen hunt rain

    ‘Twister’ at 25: Small IQ, Huge Thrills

    Twenty-five years ago, a legendary summer movie season began with a storm. May 10th 1996 kicked off with the arrival of Jan De Bont’s “Twister” aggressively announcing four months of popcorn blockbusters that would be jaw dropping, iconic, classic and even intelligent. However, only one of them had flying bovine. A riveting prolog establishes why […] More

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  • Kandisha_review _Samarcande Saadi

    Horror Import ‘Kandisha’ Offers Fresh Take on Time-Tested Formula

    Horror has a long-standing tradition of creative thievery. “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” spawned dozens of copycat slasher films, while “The Exorcist” unleashed endless tales of demonic possession. So the fact that the French shocker “Kandisha” pilfers the “Candyman” template isn’t a shock, nor a reason to dismiss it. The import lacks the visceral scares […] More

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  • drive my car review

    Murakami Story is an Unforgettable Ride – /Film

    Filmmaker Ryusuke Hamaguchi, perhaps best known to international audiences for his 2018 high concept relationship drama Asako I & II, returns to Cannes with Drive My Car, another tale that requires a certain amount of commitment from the audience, with warm results for those that stick around for the journey. Based on one of the sections of Haruki […] More

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  • canceled in the USA review Gilbert Gottfried

    ‘Canceled in the USA’ Reveals How the Woke Mob Hurts Americans

    The term Cancel Culture is bandied about in the press as if it didn’t adversely impact its victims. Liberal news outlets preface the phrase with either “so-called” or put it in scare quotes. The message is clear. Many on the Right are blowing the term out of proportion.  Fox Nation does no such thing. The […] More

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  • Tournament of Champions Spoiler Review – /Film

    Tournament of Champions Spoiler Review – /Film

    B-rated horror movies are cinematic junk food. For every slow-burn drama and genre-bending surprise, it’s nice to cleanse the palette with something easy, clever, and earnestly ridiculous. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their simple premises tend to bubble down to a single, weirdly specific question. Here’s an example: what if escape rooms […] More

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  • boy behind the door review

    ‘Boy Behind the Door’ Walks Fine Line Between Horror, Exploitation

    Horror movies go to great lengths to make us uncomfortable, but they often avoid putting kids in harm’s way. “The Boy Behind the Door” does precisely that. Twice. The debut feature from “The Djinn” directors David Charbonier and Justin Powell isn’t exploiting our paternal instincts. Instead, the film allows two preteens to deal with a […] More

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