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  • The Mutation Trailer

    Official Trailer for Freaky Mutated Rat Horror Movie 'The Mutation'

    The Search for a Cure, Created a Monster. This October, there’s a Mutated Rat loose in the city! Uncork’d Ent has released an official trailer for a B-movie horror called The Mutation, from filmmaker Scott Jeffrey (The Bad Nun, The Final Scream, ClownDoll, HellKat, Conjuring the Genie, Cannibal Troll, Dragon Fury, Hatched). This Asylum-wannabe is […] More

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  • There

    Netflix Trailer for Horror Thriller 'There's Someone Inside Your House'

    “You guys just are who you are! You don’t have any secrets…” Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for a creepy new horror thriller titled There’s Someone Inside Your House, from director Patrick Brice of the two Creep films. The graduating class at Osborne High is being targeted by a masked assailant, intent on exposing […] More

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  • Malignant Review: James Wan's New Horror Movie Is Bonkers And Brilliant

    Malignant Review: James Wan’s New Horror Movie Is Bonkers And Brilliant

    When James Wan’s Saw was released in 2004, it sparked a whole new era for horror filmmaking, as hardcore, visceral, and gore-heavy became the big new flavors. As popular as the style became in the industry, however, it wasn’t something that Wan ultimately let define him as a director. Looking at the last 10 years, […] More

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  • The 16 Best Horror Movies on Tubi

    The 16 Best Horror Movies on Tubi

    The streaming revolution is a boon to the consumer, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Most can’t afford a subscription to every new and existing platform. That leaves a crush of alternatives, which offer films and TV shows for free – with one simple catch. You’ll have to endure commercials along the way, […] More

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