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  • The Cleaner Trailer

    Official Trailer for Indie Crime Drama 'The Cleaner' Starring King Orba

    “Geez, are you sure you want to find this guy?” 1091 Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for an indie crime drama titled The Cleaner, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Erin Elders. This will be arriving on VOD starting in October this year for anyone interested in watching. When a middle-aged house cleaner […] More

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  • Terminator: Hunter Killer Short Film

    Watch: Impressive CG Short Film Homage 'Terminator: Hunter Killer'

    “The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” Another impressive homemade sci-fi short film to check out. Terminator: Hunter Killer is a proof-of-concept short film, set in the future war of the Terminator-movie universe, as the humans struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. It was made entirely […] More

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  • Cry Macho Featurette

    5-Min Featurette on Clint Eastwood's Vision for His Film 'Cry Macho'

    “He’s back in the saddle again.” Warner Bros has debuted a featurette for the film Cry Macho, focusing on how Clint Eastwood shifted from being an actor to a director. It’s titled “A Director’s Vision” and explores his history and his first films as a director, along with his latest work all leading to Cry […] More

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  • Welcome to the Blumhouse 2021 Trailers

    Four Full Trailers for 'Welcome to the Blumhouse' 2021 Horror Line-Up

    “Find your own way to slay.” Amazon Prime Video has debuted four individual trailers for the next four films as part of the Welcome to the Blumhouse horror series. A “series of unique, unsettling thrillers, that showcase original genre stories from diverse casts and filmmakers,” the first four films launched last year. The original concept […] More

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  • Knocking Trailer

    Cecilia Milocco in Swedish Apartment Horror 'Knocking' Trailer #2

    “Gripping from first scene to last.” Yellow Veil Pictures has revealed the full official trailer for the Swedish psychological horror indie film Knocking, which first premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The first teaser dropped last month, and the film opens in October. A woman leaves a psychiatric ward after a […] More

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  • A Boy Called Christmas Trailer

    Full Trailer for Magical 'A Boy Called Christmas' Starring Henry Lawfull

    “Magic is real!” It is…? I believe, I believe! Studiocanal UK has released a new official trailer for the holiday movie titled A Boy Called Christmas, adapted from the children’s novel by Matt Haig. This is a new take on the story of Father Christmas, the tale of a young boy named Nikolas, played by […] More

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  • The Village Detective: a song cycle Trailer

    'The Village Detective: a song cycle' Cinema History Doc Official Trailer

    “Cinema has the most mass reach, compared to the other arts.” Kino Lorber has revealed the first official trailer for a new cinema history documentary film called The Village Detective: a song cycle, which just premiered at the Telluride Film Festival earlier this month. Arriving in a few art house theaters in a few weeks. […] More

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  • The Mutation Trailer

    Official Trailer for Freaky Mutated Rat Horror Movie 'The Mutation'

    The Search for a Cure, Created a Monster. This October, there’s a Mutated Rat loose in the city! Uncork’d Ent has released an official trailer for a B-movie horror called The Mutation, from filmmaker Scott Jeffrey (The Bad Nun, The Final Scream, ClownDoll, HellKat, Conjuring the Genie, Cannibal Troll, Dragon Fury, Hatched). This Asylum-wannabe is […] More

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  • Down To Earth Short Film

    Watch: 3 Friends Find an Alien in Fun 'Down To Earth' Sci-Fi Short

    “Mom, I’m off to find a Meteorite!” “Take a jacket!” How can you get the girl if she’s into all things space and aliens? It’s simple: just go out and find the aliens that crashed to Earth. Down To Earth is a kooky, fun, harmless little sci-fi short film made in Australia by filmmaker Nick […] More

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  • Suzanna Andler Trailer

    Charlotte Gainsbourg & Niels Schneider in 'Suzanna Andler' US Trailer

    “I’m the French Riviera’s most cheated on wife. Did you know?” Icarus Films has released the official US trailer for an indie French romantic drama called Suzanna Andler, adapted from the Marguerite Duras play of the same name. This first premiered at the 2021 Rotterdam Film Festival earlier in the year, and at the Hong […] More

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  • Colin In Black & White Trailer

    First Teaser for Ava DuVernary's New Series 'Colin in Black & White'

    “Then one day… we realize that the game we’re playing is someone else’s.” Netflix has revealed the first teaser trailer for the new Ava DuVernary series titled Colin in Black & White, which is debuting at the Toronto Film Festival this month. This seems to be a follow-up to her award-winning dramatic series “When They […] More

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  • No Time to Die Featurette

    'No Time to Die' Featurette on New Agents Including Lashana Lynch

    “You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee.” With just a few weeks before the world premiere, Eon Productions has dropped a new “featurette” for No Time to Die, the 25th Bond movie. The video focuses on two “New Agents” from MI6 introduced in this new Bond movie: Nomi, played […] More

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